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Programming together

What is Democratic Programming?

This is the answer to what would happen if you take a group of people and ask them to make a program by voting on what to do with the source code.

The winning option is chosen by chance, every vote makes it more likely the option will win.

Example: if A has 500 votes and B has 300 votes then A will on average win 500 out of 800 times.

The maximum time between votes is 2 minutes for commands and 1 minute for parameters, every time someone votes this is lowered with 2 seconds untill the vote ends in 30 seconds.

Possible commands


This command changes or creates a line of code.
The first argument is the line number, if it is an integer the specified line will be changed.
If it is a float then a new line will be inserted between floor(line number) and ceil(line number)
Max linenumber: 1000, if higher defaults back to 1000 The second argument is be the code inserted at the given line (max length: 250 chars).


This command deletes a line of code
The first argument is the line number at which to delete a line.


This command will add the file to git, commit it and push it to the repository (
The first argument is the commit message.

Open source

Democratic programming is open source! Check it out:
If you have a suggestion, you can leave it in the github or email me at [email protected]
This code runs every change. Use the button to keep a program open for longer.
Click on the black to enable input.
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